Imuraya USA, Inc.

Imuraya USA, Inc. is a division of Imuraya Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturing company in Japan with over 119 years of history in creating unique and healthy Japanese style confectioneries. Imuraya's expertise in azuki is embodied in its culture-blending innovations and enjoyed throughout the world. On 2010, Imuraya introduces its distinctive products to the United States through the establishment of a manufacturing facility in Irvine, California. It is our goal to educate, promote, and familiarize Azuki in the US market.

What is Azuki?

Azuki is a type of small bean (formerly spelled adzuki or aduki) annual vine widely grown throughout East Asia and the Himalayas. It is the second popular legume consumed in Japan and is one of most popular stapled dessert flavor and ingredient in Asia. It is commonly enjoyed sweetened and is used in fillings or toppings on waffles, pastries, baked buns, mochi, or biscuits. It works well with Asian paring, but it also works best with dairy such as cream and butter with wheat making this a very versatile ingredient to pair with other cuisines.In terms of nutritional benefits: it is low fat and is high in protein, iron, fiber and soluble fiber which helps lower blood cholesterol. more »